Writing is one of my favorite things to do.
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My friends and I made a slideshow of the different types of sentence structure used in sentences. We really worked hard on this. Click on each slide to get to the next one.

Mrs. Shetter also taught me and my class about commas!These are my different ways of using commas in a sentence.

Here are some of my writing pieces that I have worked on with the helpful guidance of my writing teacher, Mrs.Shetter.

Hard Work

It was a nothing but normal type of day. Little Emily was in seventh grade, extremely excited for what lies ahead, the school dance! Spring of 2014, May 28, was starting off to be a typical Thursday. Almost everyone was ready to finish their first year of middle school in Conestoga Valley. “I love every thought of it to finally be the big guys in the school!” Emily said to her bestie, Lacey.

Emily and Lacey were two true best friends ever since the second day of school, in first grade. Lacey was not much of a talkative girl in public, but if you got to know her, she can talk for days. She signed up for the setup committee, which took place after school on Thursday. “The end of the school-year dance was tomorrow on Friday after school! are you coming?” said Emily to Lacey

“Of course! I’m so excited.” said Lacey

“Im helping set up so I’m a little stressed out to help get everything ready in time by today.”

“Dont worry, you got this. It’s gonna be so much fun!” Lacey stated excitedly.

The chaperone of the set up committee was Miss Poppy. She is nicer than any of those rusty non-trusty terrible, terrible, terrible teachers around here. Miss. Poppy was also known as the student guidance counselor administrator. Brrriiing! “That’s the bell, well that’s the end of school” said Emily, to Lacey. “I got to get to the gym but we can talk tomorrow.” “See ya!” Said Lacey. “Adios Amigo!” Then she took off to the gym.

“Hey,” announced Miss. Poppy to Emily and six other kids. “Are you ready to set up for the dance?” She said with enthusiasm. “Yeah!” Said one kid in the back. “Ok, there are snacks next to the wall for you all, only if you get hungry. Now let’s set up this amazing dance.” Everyone was working in a productive manner. Banners raised to the roof of the gym, decorations, and props were set up from the stage to the walls. The lights and music were picked, set and planned out After about 2 hours and 15 minutes of enjoyable working, Emily and the rest of the committee finished with 15 minutes to spare before parents’ arrival time. “Good work everyone” said Miss. Poppy. Then Emily walked home, because she lives right by the school.

“Hey mom!” said Emily when she got home.

“Hey, did you walk the dog yet?” Nagged Emily’s mom.

Emily sighed “I will.”

“Well get going!”

Then Emily walked out with George the dog.

“You make a great friend” said Emily.

“Woof, woof!” said George.

They walked around outside and around the school. What a lovely day to take a walk outside, they both thought. They ran around enjoying the cool breeze. Swoosh, woosh. The trees were swaying, then sun was shining, the flowers were blooming. Emily was so focused on this beautiful day. When something didn’t seem quite right, did it?

“Where’s George?!”

Emily quickly ran around the perimeter of the school, hoping her dog was there, but he wasn’t . Emily snuck in the school, only to find the gym to be a huge mess. Under a crinkled banner that was knocked down was George. “George! You ruined the dance setup. What do I do?” She called Lacey for help, but her parents wanted Lacey to study for her math test first. Emily and George sat there in the gym thinking, and thinking, and thinking, hoping that they could find a way to fix this. “Maybe I can fix the dance alone.” She said very unsure of herself. That is when she realized that these were the only decorations that they had, they were out of decorations. All hope was lost when Emily heard a noise, something like a door in the hallway

Her curiosity took over. She went to see what it was. Sippi and her mom were walking out of a classroom. Emily everything that happened. Sippi told Emily that they just finished a parent/teacher conference. “Sippi’s mom offered help, after a long time of thinking what to do. She called Miss. Poppy then she came over. Finally Lacey finished studying for her math test and joined also! “ Yay!” Emily, Lacey, Sippi, Sippi’s mom, and Miss Poppy all met up at the gym, and discussed the plan. First Emily took George back home then they all went to Michael's and got decorations and craft supplies. Then they took a break at Subway, and ate food. After a while they went back to the gym and put up banners, even better than the last ones. They also made it so much better than last time. By now it was getting somewhat late, but they kept working until they finished. After about 2 hours of work they finished. “Yay!” said Emily

The next day was the dance, and it was a great spectacular, exciting, dance, infact it was one of the best dances ever! Lacey and Emily danced all day at the dance and they both knew hard work and good effort can really pay off, but hard work with helpful friends pay off even more.

Tim on the Island

Tim wasn’t always happy with his family. His parents and his little sister, Kara, and his older brother Braden would annoy him everyday of his life, but it was the waves of the bright blue ocean, and the crusty, crisp beach sand on the breezy border between land and ocean, and even the animals of the deep and the blue that always seemed to calm Tim. Studying sea animals and visiting aquariums were Tim’s favorite thing to do. He spent most of his time at the aquarium, that his brothers and sisters would make fun of him, and pick on him like calling him names like fish face. Tim always tried to block out the rude comments, besides he already has enough stress to get ready for the first day in middle school.

One sweet summer day, Tim was exploring the beach. Tim collected seashells and anything else that he could add to his collection of beach found items. As he was searching for shells, a little light caught his eye almost blinding him. He walked towards it and studied it. “Woah what is this?” Tim had no clue in the world on what this shiny bent cube that fit perfectly into his palm was. Tim picked it up and raced back to his beach house, and saved it in a crusty shoe box, labeled beach treasures.

Tim’s mom said, “Hey, let’s go shopping for you so you can get some new clothes for middle school.”

“I think I am fine, besides I hate shopping.”

“But you need to go shopping because you need clothes.”

“I thought I had nice clothes”

“No, not like th” said Tim’s mom quietly under her breath

Tim ignored her and stormed up to his room.

As he was walking upstairs he passed his siblings.

“Fish face, fish face.” screamed Kara poking Tim on the ear

“Nice crab legs no wonder you can pinch like a pro.” said Brayden

“Shark breath, shark breath!” said Kara

Tim kept walking keeping silent. He felt like the entire world was making fun of him except for one person, or turtle. He reached his bedroom and shut his door. “Iz, you are the best pet ever. I am glad that you won’t make fun of me and pick on me like my family, that sometimes I wish that you had the ability to talk. I’d rather be nearly stranded on an island with you the waves and definitely not my family. Things would be so much better. Tim sat there on his bed talking to Iz who laid in a luscious turtle tank. Tim always knew that he could express anything, even his personal life to Iz. Tim talked to Iz for hours, until craanckrr! Tim heard rattling in his treasure box. He opened it up, only to see it shining like the sun. “I'm tired, I probably need to get some sleep.” Tim got ready for the night. Pajamas are on, teeth is brushed, bed is set for the night. “Night mom!” Tim yelled to his mother, hoping that she would hear him. “Night Iz, said Tim softly. Tim closed his eyes and laid down.

It was quiet, maybe too quiet for the house that Tim lived in. Tim suddenly opened his eyes in a flash. “Wooaaaahhh!” “What's happening!” Tim was drifting away from his house in the shimmering shadows of the ocean! He waved bye to his house by the beach as it drifted into the foggy night. Waves pushed Tim faster and faster into the night until he was going turbo speed! That is when he realized Iz was with him the whole time. “Omg Iz are you ok?”

“Yeah, I'm fine”

“Well I'm happy to see you! Wait! Did you just talk?”


“This must be the best day ever!” yelled Tim

The waves stopped pushing Tim and Iz at an island that looked strange.

“Hello,” moaned a whale by the island.

“Hi,” said Tim surprised again.

“Can you swim us back home? Middle school starts tomorrow!”

“Yes, on one condition. Get these snapping turtles to leave me alone.”

Tim knew he could do this.

“Hi snapping turtles,” said Tim

“Hey,” snapped one of them

“Can you please leave my friend, the whale, alone?” Said Tim

“Yes, on one condition. Get those seagulls to stop bothering us.” Said a snapping turtle in the front.

“I will try,” said Tim. Then he set off to the seagulls with Iz.

“Hello seagulls,” said Tim

“Hi” screeched one seagull.

“Can you stop bothering the snapping turtles?” Said Tim

“Yes, on one condition. My family is running low on fish, please get me some fish. Tim and Iz were not even sure how to get some fish. They got in the water, and noticed that no fish were even in the water.

“How do we get fish when there are no fish in the water?” Said Tim

Tim and Iz started thinking for a way to get back home. “How do we even get here?”

“The waves brought us here, said Iz.”

“I bet that's because I said that I would rather be here than home!”

“I think that shiny cube is magic,” said Iz

“Yeah, I could wish us back but there would be one problem. Everything would be the same here.

“I wish for ten million fish!” Said Tim

Tim waited and waited. Looking and looking. Waited and waited. Looking and looking. When all hope was lost Tim and Iz stood there staring at each other.

“I dont think it will work” said Tim

“Never lose faith in what you believe in.”

Tim hopped back in the water and felt something.

“Fish!” screamed Tim at the top of his lungs.

“Can I feed you to the seagulls?” asked Tim to the seagulls

“Yes, on one condition” said the fish.

Tim’s smiled faded quickly.

“I want to live a happy life, the cube back at your house has sent us, you have one more wish. I will give you what you wish for what I wish, which happens to be fish food.”

Tim closed his eyes and wished for the fish food, hoping that it would not take as long to notice it as it did to notice the fish. Miles of fish food appeared!

“Thank you, said the fish.”

It turned into a fiesta of fish, a joyous celebration than afterwards they gave up their bodies for Tim to get back home.

He gave the fish to the seagulls. The seagulls stopped bothering the snapping turtles, then the snapping turtles stopped bothering the whale.

The whale brought Tim and Iz back to his house he hopped back into his bed closed his eyes. Brrrring! His alarm went off. “Was it a dream?” Tim thought. Tim never knew, but he did know that he had to get ready for his first day of middle school. Tim’s mom apologize then he hugged his family. He had the best day in middle school and all was swell.